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About the PetLynx Service

Is my information secure and is my privacy protected?

PetLynx adheres to Canadian privacy legislation.  For more information check out our privacy policy.

Visit for detailed information about secure online payment at PetLynx.

What kinds of pets can be registered?

Primarily dogs and cats are registered on PetLynx.  However, the system can accommodate a wide variety of other types of pets including birds, chinchillas, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, horses/mules, lizards, Llamas, mice, rabbits, snakes and turtles.

How does PetLynx work within my community?

PetLynx provides the only online automated recovery system that allows all members of the community to post their own lost and found reports.  It facilitates instant online sharing of pet information among the general public and organizations in that community, and across North America, when a pet goes missing.  PetLynx is a proven solution for decreasing pet euthanasia and bringing more missing pets back home.

What is a PetLynx ASC?

An Authorized Service Center (ASC) is a PetLynx registered organization with administration level access to AnimalTRACS™ and
AutoMatch™ services, and may:

  • have a relationship with pet families and provides them a valuable service (shelters, animal control or legislative enforcement,or vet clinic)
  • register pet information for pet families
  • post lost and found reports
  • be able to access additional information in an emergency

For a map of PetLynx ASCs click here.

Why shouldn't I wait until my pet is lost to use your service?

If you've been in an accident, emergency, natural disaster, or are simply not available, emergency personnel can still access your pet's vital information if it has been registered on PetLynx - and that may be a life or death difference for your pet. A PetLynx Lifetime Subscription provides around the clock online identification, photo, medical and emergency information to help keep your pet safe, healthy, comfortable and, in the event the pet is lost, returned home quickly.

While the PetLynx AutoMatch™ functionality can match a pet using a simple physical description if there is no identification and works even if the pet was not registered online prior to becoming lost, purchasing one of our low-cost lifetime subscription options means your pet is always protected with the PetLynx system.

What is AutoMatch™?

AutoMatch™ is a service exclusive to the PetLynx system that can search for matches for a pet using either an identifier such as a tattoo, microchip or PetLynx visual tag, and/or based on only a physical description of the animal using a PetLynx technology called DataSketch™. The AutoMatch™ system then serves up potential matches and notifies both parties involved. The parties can then retrieve the matches and physically follow up to see if it is the correct pet.

The onus of recovery of the pet is ultimately on the pet family, however the system allows for the finder to engage themselves as well if they choose to.

What is DataSketch™?

Two people will likely not describe an animal the same way. PetLynx created the DataSketch™ technology to help with this, as it reduces the number of possible descriptors and colors for a pet to a defined number. By reducing the descriptors we have increased the possibility that people will describe the animal in a similar fashion.  An animal's DataSketch™ is compared to other sketches and 'scored' during the AutoMatch™ process.  Those matches with the highest scores are then presented to both parties as the most likely matches.

How is AutoMatch™ different from other search engines?

AutoMatch™ is different in several important ways:

  1. Our system makes matches based on identifiers such as microchip and tattoos.  Our system is not proprietary to any microchip manufacturer, so all microchip types are accepted.
  2. AutoMatch can also make matches on a pet based on only a physical description, using our unique DataSketch™ technology.
  3. Unlike other systems, AutoMatch™ is an automatic system so there is no need to manually search through reports.
  4. AutoMatch™ sends out possible matches to other animals that are similar to your description -- no other pet lost and found search engine does this!
Is a PetLynx Lifetime Subscription for the life of the owner or the life of the pet?

A PetLynx Lifetime Subscription is for the life of the registered pet and is non-refundable in the case of death or pet loss. A Lifetime Subscription is transferable if the registered pet goes to a new family.

What kinds of pet identification can be used in PetLynx?

When a pet becomes lost PetLynx is the only automated recovery system that uses a simple physical description in addition to every common form of identification, including tags, microchips, and tattoos.  Only PetLynx can AutoMatch™ a pet using a simple physical description when there's no identification and works even if the pet was not registered online prior to becoming lost.

What is the difference between a microchip database and and the PetLynx automated recovery system?

A microchip database is simply a registry containing basic descriptions and contact information about animals that have been implanted with a microchip. In the registry you must have a microchip number in order to locate the pet families' contact information. 

Our automated recovery system works with or without identification, can make matches according to a physical description, actively searches lost and found reports from your community and surrounding Authorized Service Centers to find matches, and does not require pre-registration to use it. An automated recovery system allows users to serve themselves over the Internet rather than calling in to facilities and organizations and it provides matches automatically, reducing the need for manual searches.

If I purchase a PetLynx Lifetime Subscription does my pet have to wear identification?

PetLynx recommends having as much identification as possible on your pet to help recover it quickly and keep it from harm should it become lost.  If your pet goes missing PetLynx visual tags (only available with a PetLynx Enhanced Lifetime Subscription) alert anyone finding your pet to search online at to quickly reunite you with your pet - no matter where or when it is found.

How does PetLynx use physical descriptions to locate lost and found pets when different people will describe a pet differently?

PetLynx's unique DataSketch™ and AutoMatch™ systems narrow down the description to only 7 main colours and acknowledges different situations such as a brown dog is similar to a tan dog.  PetLynx provides AutoMatch™ listings such that the most likely matches, with a 100% rating, are presented first followed by less relevant matches.    It is the responsibility of the pet family to follow up on AutoMatch™ notifications to determine if a match is their pet or not.

Why doesn't PetLynx use specific descriptors such as breed, coat length or pattern in its searches?

In many cases, simple is best. With more choices for people to use to describe their pet comes a greater chance that people  will choose incorrectly and potentially miss matches. The general public and professionals interpret breeds differently. As well, in some species and breeds, certain colours or colour relationship classifications are prohibited. For this reason the colours, and more importantly the interpretation of colours, that are recorded in the animal record may vary from breed to breed and are therefore not reliable for the purposes of recovery. Furthermore, animals of mixed breed or unknown breeds have colours and patterns that are not recognized by registries. In the case of patterns as well as breeds, the general public may not be aware of the correct terminology to describe an animal -- for instance most people don't know what 'torti' means or the difference between two different types of pointers.


Subscription & Registry Unit 

What is a POME program?

These are Point of Market Entry (POME) programs that brand affiliates use to add value to their offerings.  Each brand affiliate purchases a prepaid PetLynx Recovery Subscription (includes the little green PetLynx collar tag) and adds it to their program.  Examples of these programs are adoption kits, new puppy and kitten kits, insurance and licensing kits etc.

What is an Activation?

When brand affiliates provide a PetLynx Recovery Subscription in the form of a PetLynx collar tag it is necessary for the pet family to complete the online registration of their pet at  The Activation rate shows the percentage of pet families that complete this task.

Why is the activation rate expressed as a cummulative number?

When brand affiliates produce POME programs there is often a lag as the POME kits move through distribution.  That is why the calculation of activations must use a ‘perpetual inventory’ approach which measures the ration of all POME items ever supplied to brand affiliates against and all POME items ever activated in these programs. 

What is a Freemium Program

These are programs that feature a free issue PetLynx Recovery Registration to a pet family when they complete a registration for another reason.  A good example of this would be pet families using the public PetLynx recovery service to issue a Lost Report for their pet.  There is no direct revenue from this transaction.

What is a Conversion?

When a pet family receives a free registration from PetLynx they are provided opportunities to convert to services that provide PetLynx with revenue.  The Conversion rate shows the percentage of pet families that take up a revenue producing offer.

Registering pets and updating information in PetLynx

How do I activate my PetLynx Animal Card?

If your PetLynx Animal Card was activated when you adopted your pet you would have been given a username and password for your user account and your pet's file transferred to you by the adoption facility. If this is the case, you need not activate the card again, and you can just sign in to the system using the username and password you were given.  Your pet is already registered and will show up in your MyPetLynx as one of your registered pets.

If your PetLynx Animal Card has not already been activated please follow these instructions:

If you already have a PetLynx User Account:

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. On your MyPetLynx page select Register a New Pet.
  3. On the bottom section of the register page select Animal Card from the drop down menu, then enter the number on the back of your Animal Card in the Program Code entry box and click Continue to proceed with entering your pet's information.

If you do not have a PetLynx User Account:    

  1. Go to
  2. Select Register My Pet.
  3. Midway down the page enter your email address and follow the instructions to create a PetLynx user account.
  4. After clicking OK to start using your PetLynx account, click Register a New Pet.
  5. On the bottom section of the register page select Animal Card from the drop down menu, then enter the number on the back of your Animal Card in the Program Code entry box and click Continue to proceed with entering your pet's information.
Why does it say "Invalid" or "Already in Use" when I try to register my pet with my PetLynx Animal Card?

Ensure that you are entering your information correctly and that you are not trying to register with the PetLynx Animal Card if this was already done when you adopted your pet.  If the Authorized Service Center that you received your pet from already registered it for you, you need not do so again. Simply sign in to your account and you should see your pet already listed in your list of registered pets.  Click on the pet's name to view its detailed profile and ensure all of your contact and pet information is correct. 

For the safety and security of your pet, be sure to keep their profile information up to date.

How do I edit my pet's information?
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your username and password.  Select the animal's name in your list of My Registered Pets to view its detailed profile.
  3. Under the Vitals tab on your pet's profile click Edit Vitals.
  4. Edit your pet's information as required and scroll to bottom and click Update to save the changed information or Cancel to back out.
  5. All other tabs in your pet's profile work similar to the example above.
How do I add more contacts to my profile?
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in and under the My Profile section on the MyPetLynx page click View My Address Book.
  3. Click Add a New Contact and add additional contacts such as your boarding kennel, veterinarian or pet sitter.
  4. To view these additional contacts on your pet's profile click the Contact tab.
  5. The Main Contact you list is the default emergency contact used if your pet were lost.  You can change the emergency contact to another listed contact under the Contact tab of your pet's profile.
How do I update my address?
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in and under the My Profile section on the MyPetLynx page click View My Address Book.
  3. Click Main Contact and then Edit.
  4. Edit your address information as required.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.
How do I post an updated photo of my pet?

At this time only one photo of each pet is permitted.  To simply remove the current photo and upload the new photo:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign using your username and password.
  3. Click the animal's name to open its profile.
  4. Click the Photo tab and click Remove Photo.
  5. Once the previous photo is removed browse your computer for the new photo and upload.

If after you upload the new photo the old photo still shows stay on the page and press CTRL+R - your computer should refresh the page and show the new photo.

I tried uploading a photo of my pet but the system says it is too large, what do I do?

Photos posted must be a minimum of 2KB and a maximum of 2M.  Create a smaller picture and repost.

I need a new PetLynx visual tag for my pet, how do I get one?

Available to Enhanced Lifetime Subscribers Only

Contact either the Authorized Service Centre (the shelter, vet clinic or other provider) where you purchased your Enhanced Lifetime
Subscription or, if you purchased online, your nearest Authorized Service Center.

YOU MUST UPDATE YOUR ONLINE PETLYNX PET PROFILE WITH YOUR NEW PETLYNX TAG NUMBER for it to help recover your pet should it become lost.
I've lost my username or password, what do I do?
  1. Go to and click Login.
  2. Click the Lost Your Username or Password link.
  3. Enter the email address you used to open your PetLynx account.
  4. Your username and password will be immediately emailed to you. If you do not remember the email address used to open your PetLynx account please contact your nearest Authorized Service Centre.
How do I transfer a registered pet to a new owner?
  1. The initial PetLynx registered pet family must initiate the transfer of the pet to the new pet family.  The new pet family must be registeredin the PetLynx system.
  2. The transfering family must sign in to the system and click Transfer a Pet.
  3. Then click Initiate a Transfer.
  4. Click Select Owner to choose the pet recipient family by their PetLynx username (required from the new pet family).
  5. Click Select Pet to choose the pet(s) being transferred and enter in the reason for transfer.  A red double arrow icon will show on the left next to the pet you selected.  Once you are finished selecting your pet(s) for transfer, click Continue.
  6. Review the Terms and Conditions, select Agree and click Continue.
  7. The new pet family will receive an email asking them to sign in to the system and accept the transfer.
  8. The transfer will show as pending until the transfer is accepted  by the new pet family.
Why can't I edit my pet's information or post a photo?

The ability to edit your pet's information and post a photo is only available with an Enhanced Lifetime Subscription.

I've been notified to extend my temporary registration, do I have to re-enter my Lost Report?

No you do not have to re-enter your information.  Simply sign in to your account and click Extend Protection to purchase one of our lifetime subscription options.  Complete the information required and PetLynx will resume emailing AutoMatch™ notifications for your Lost Report. 

It is the responsibility of the pet family to follow up on AutoMatch™ notifications to determine if a match is their pet or not. 

Lost Reports, Found Reports and AutoMatching

I have lost my pet - how do I use PetLynx to search for my missing loved one?

If you have not previously registered on PetLynx you can still file a lost report in the system - they are provided complimentary for the first 7 days courtesy of PetLynx. Proceed as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Lost a Pet and follow the simple instructions to obtain a PetLynx user account and file a lost report in one step.  Please ensure that you complete the lost report with as much detail as possible to give the best chance of recovering your pet.
  3. Once you have completed the lost report under your list of registered pets in MyPetLynx it will show your pet's Current Status as Reported Lost! Any AutoMatches the system has found for your pet will have been e-mailed to you and will be accessible via the link under the Reported Lost! status.

If you are already registered on PetLynx proceed as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your username and password.
  3. Click I've Lost My Pet and complete your lost report.
  4. Under your list of registered pets in MyPetLynx it will show your pet's Current Status as Reported Lost! Any AutoMatches the system has found for your pet will have been e-mailed to you and will be accessible via the link under the Reported Lost! status.
    It is the responsibility of the pet family to follow up on AutoMatch™ notifications to determine if a match is their pet or not.
How do I see additional matches?

PetLynx provides the top 20% of matches through the AutoMatch™ system.  If you would like to see more matches follow the steps below.

  1. On the I've Lost My Pet page click Search For a Lost Pet
  2. Complete steps 1, 2 and 3 on the site to receive a listing of all the found pets that meet your criteria.  Broader criteria provides more listings.  For example, animals may travel great distances - by including a broader geographical region you will receive more matches and increase the opportunity to recover your pet.
How do I view or edit the Found Report I posted?
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your username and password.
  3. Click I've Found Someone's Pet.
  4. Under My Found Animals click on the temporary pet name you entered to view or edit the report.
How do I delete a Lost Report?
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your username and password.
  3. Under My Registered Pets click Delete Lost Report link on the pet for which you would like to delete the Lost Report.
  4. Select a Reason for Deletion and click Delete Lost Report.
How do I delete a Found Report?
  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your username and password.
  3. Click I've Found Someone's Pet.
  4. In your list of My Found Animals select the pet's name for which you would like to delete the Found Report.
  5. Click the Delete Found Report link.
  6. Input Reason for Deletion and click Delete Found Report.
Why does PetLynx AutoMatch™ only show me matches of 80% or higher?

The volume of potential matches may make it very impractical to show matches falling below 80 percent.  If you do wish to expand the search simply view your Lost or Found Report and click Expanded Search.

Why does my list of AutoMatches show animals that are listed as a color that is completely different than what I have entered for my lost pet?

If two people are asked to describe an animal, they may describe that animal quite differently. What one person sees as 'orange', another may see as 'red'. If the AutoMatch™ system only matched on exact color matches, it would only ever make matches in the case where two different people described the pet in exactly the same way.

To account for this, the PetLynx AutoMatch™ system uses a weighting scale to 'score' an animal's entered DataSketch™ against those of other pets reported lost or found in the system and presents matches based on 'closeness'.  This unique system of scoring the animal's DataSketch™ means that you will see not only those matches that are exactly as you have reported but also those that are 'close', in case someone described your lost pet slightly differently than you. AutoMatch™`presents you with the top 20% of matches, listing the most likely, or closest matching first, followed by matches that are further away on the closeness scale.  This rating system greatly increases the chances that you will find your pet.

Why do I receive AutoMatch™ e-mail notices but when I sign in there are no AutoMatches there?

Reports on PetLynx are constantly being updated.  The online system is so efficient that a pet may already have been reported found, returned to its pet family and the found report removed by the time you sign in in response to the AutoMatch™ notification.  It does not mean you may have missed recovering your pet it just means the potential match was not your pet - keep checking for new matches.

Can I still search in PetLynx for my lost pet after the PetLynx sponsored 7-day complimentary trial subscription has expired?

You can continue to manually search the PetLynx Found Reports but you will not receive any AutoMatch™ notices.  To keep your Lost Report active and continue receiving AutoMatch™ notices you must purchase either our 40 day trial subscription, or our Basic or Enhanced Lifetime Subscription. 

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